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About Inanimate Objects

Inanimate Objects originally started in 2014, but then in 2018 it was restarted and brought back to the beginning and better than ever! The show consists of 12 contestants who signed up to compete for a currently unknown prize that will be revealed when the series is over.

Work in progress

This wiki is still a work in progress, if you want to create a character page to improve the wiki, use A's page as a example of what you should put, Link to the page is here.

NOTE: Don't add anything Inanimate Objects 3 related, that belongs here and this wiki is about the reboot.


Important Notes

  • As of February 24, 2019 anyone who leaks the assets of the show will not only have the images deleted but will be blocked from the wiki as well.
  • This show doesn't have anything to do with the BETA series, all of that goes to the IO3 wiki.